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    About Spade Betta Fish

    A Spade Tail Betta fish is a type of Betta characterized by its distinct tail shape, which resembles the shape of a spade from a deck of cards. This tail shape is more rounded and less pointed than other Betta types, with a wide base that narrows towards the end, forming a spade-like silhouette. Spade Tail Bettas are known for their vibrant colors and patterns, making them a popular choice among Betta enthusiasts for their unique appearance and the aesthetic value they add to aquariums.

    Betta fish spade tail are recognized for their unique tail shape, reminiscent of a spade. A special mention must be made of Imbellis Spade Tail. This type combines the elegant spade-shaped tail with the beautiful coloration of the Imbellis Betta, making it a sought-after variant among Betta enthusiasts.

    The coloration of Spade Bettas varies, with each color offering a distinct aesthetic appeal. The Red Spade Tail Betta is particularly noteworthy, known for its vibrant red hue that enhances the tail's spade-like shape, giving it a striking appearance. Other shades are also available such as red, blue, green, white, black, and multicolor.

    Spade Bettas are available for purchase from specialized aquarium stores and online platforms. A notable source for these unique Bettas is our Thailand Betta Fish, which offers a variety of Spade Bettas, including rare and sought-after types like the Imbellis Spade Tail. Our farm is renowned for its quality and diverse selection, making it an excellent choice for enthusiasts seeking Spade Bettas.

    The price of Spade Tail Betta fish typically varies depending on factors such as rarity, coloration, and the breeder's reputation. Generally, Betta fish prices can range from moderate to quite high for rare or show-quality specimens. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, it's best to check on our website.

    Our Legacy

    We work tirelessly for 30 years to uphold the high standards set by our Thai ancestors and fellow breeders, ensuring that each and every Betta Fish for sale we produce is of the highest premium quality and meets the expectations of our customers. When you buy live betta fish online from us, you're not just purchasing a beautiful and captivating pet. You're also becoming a part of a long and rich history, and joining a community of people who appreciate and value the beauty and wonder of these amazing Betta Fish.

    Thailand Betta Fish For Sale
    Thailand Betta Fish For Sale

    Spade Betta Fish Care Guide

    Spade Tail Bettas thrive in tanks that allow ample room for swimming and exploration. A minimum of a 5-gallon tank is recommended, but larger tanks can provide a more stable environment. The tank should have a gentle filtration system to keep the water clean without creating strong currents, as Bettas prefer calm waters. Adequate space also helps in maintaining better water quality and reduces stress on the Betta.

    While Spade Tail Bettas are generally solitary, they can coexist with certain species. Ideal tank mates are small, peaceful fish that don’t compete for territory. Good choices include neon tetras, harlequin rasboras, or pygmy corydoras. It's important to ensure that the tank is spacious enough to prevent territorial disputes and provide hiding places for all inhabitants to reduce potential stress.

    The distinctive tail of a Spade Tail Betta requires special attention. Regular tank maintenance, including consistent water changes and proper filtration, is essential to prevent diseases like fin rot. A varied diet rich in nutrients helps maintain fin health. Avoiding sharp decorations in the tank that could tear their fins and ensuring a stress-free environment are key factors in keeping their tails in good condition.

    Breeding Spade Tail Bettas involves creating an optimal environment where the male Betta builds a bubble nest for the eggs. Prior to breeding, both males and females should be conditioned with high-quality food to ensure health and vitality. Post-spawning, the female is usually removed to prevent aggression from the male, who then takes on the role of guarding and tending to the eggs in the bubble nest.

    Spade Tail Bettas are sensitive to lighting. Moderate lighting in the aquarium is beneficial as it enhances their natural coloration without causing stress. Direct, bright light should be avoided as it can be overwhelming for them. Using adjustable aquarium lights can help create a day-night cycle that mimics natural light patterns, providing comfort and maintaining their regular activity cycles.

    The lifespan of a Spade Tail Betta ranges from 3 to 5 years, depending on care and living conditions. Factors that contribute to a longer lifespan include a well-maintained tank, a balanced diet, regular health check-ups, and a stress-free environment. Early detection and treatment of any health issues are also crucial in ensuring a long and healthy life for these Bettas.

    Regular water changes are vital for maintaining a healthy environment for Spade Tail Bettas. It is recommended to change 25-50% of the tank water weekly. This helps in controlling the buildup of harmful toxins and maintaining stable water parameters. Using a water conditioner to remove chloramines and chlorine from tap water during changes is also important for their health.

    Spade Tail Bettas are susceptible to common Betta diseases such as fin rot, bacterial infections, and swim bladder disease. Preventative measures include maintaining clean water, providing a balanced diet, and ensuring the tank has a proper heating system to keep the water at a stable temperature. Regular observation for signs of distress or illness is key to early intervention and treatment.

    Many Betta owners report that Spade Tail Bettas seem to recognize their owners. These intelligent fish often exhibit increased activity and excitement when their owner approaches the tank, suggesting a level of recognition and interaction. Bettas are known for their responsiveness to humans, which can be a sign of their ability to recognize and react to familiar people.

    To maintain the vibrant coloration of Spade Tail Bettas, a diet rich in varied and high-quality nutrients is essential. High-quality Betta pellets should form the base of their diet, supplemented with live or frozen foods like brine shrimp, daphnia, and bloodworms. These foods are rich in proteins and essential fatty acids, which help enhance their natural colors.
    Avoid overfeeding and ensure a balanced diet for the best coloration.

    A gentle filtration system is ideal for a Spade Tail Betta tank. Bettas do not fare well in strong currents, so a filter that provides a gentle flow while effectively cleaning the water is optimal. Sponge filters or small internal filters with adjustable flow rates are good choices.

    Spade Tail Bettas, like other Bettas, can be trained to perform simple tricks such as following a finger, jumping through hoops, or pushing balls. They are intelligent fish and can learn through consistent and gentle training, often motivated by food rewards.