A Symbol of Luck and Fortune

Betta fish luck and fortune


Are you curious about what color of Betta fish to get based on your birthdate? Betta fish are not just a beautiful addition to any aquarium, but also believed to bring good luck and positive energy according to Thailand’s ancient beliefs.

Let's explore the different colors of Betta fish that correspond to various fortunes based on the day of the week you were born:


  • Love and Friendship = red, orange, or ruby
  • Health = red, white, diamonds, or pearls
  • Power = purple, violet, red, or black
  • Wealth = gold, bright green, emerald, or jade


  • Love and Friendship = white, diamonds, or pearls
  • Health = pink, purple, red, or black
  • Power = green, bright green, emerald, or jade
  • Wealth = black, purple, or gray


  • Love and Friendship = pink, purple, red, or black
  • Health = green, bright green, emerald, or jade
  • Power = black, purple, or gray
  • Wealth = yellow or bright yellow

Wednesday (Day):

  • Love and Friendship = green, bright green, emerald, or jade
  • Health = black, purple, or gray
  • Power = yellow or bright yellow
  • Wealth = light green or gray

Wednesday (Night):

  • Love and Friendship = light green or gray
  • Health = blue
  • Power = red, orange, or ruby
  • Wealth = white, diamonds, or pearls


  • Love and Friendship = yellow or bright yellow.
  • Health = light green or gray
  • Power = blue
  • Wealth = red, orange, or ruby


  • Love and Friendship = blue
  • Health = red, orange, or ruby
  • Power = white, diamonds, or pearls
  • Wealth = pink, purple, red, or black


  • Love and Friendship = black, purple, or gray
  • Health = yellow or bright yellow
  • Power = light green or gray
  • Wealth = blue

Remember, Betta fish are not just a source of good luck, but also require proper care and attention to thrive. If you're interested in purchasing a Betta fish, make sure to provide a suitable environment for them.


  • Rashed

    Love you’re bettas but we wish of more females and betta splendens

  • lisa

    just received our betta fish and he is gorgeous! the company was very responsive and a pleasure to deal with! we will definitely be purchasing another fish from them!

  • Letha Langren

    Have you any Diamond or Pearl colored males dumbo

  • Nicole Burgess

    You have some very beautiful Betta.

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